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Contact us; we have proven results and can help you by offering an experienced resource:

· A project, team, and business building senior executive with many years at senior management level.

· Strong leadership, combined with clear, concise communication and strong negotiating skills.

· Experienced at managing complex projects, designed to contribute to business growth.

· Broad experience in engineering, sales, marketing, operations management and distribution.

· Motivated and high achiever able to obtain results.

· Product and process development and R&D grant/taxation submissions


Some examples of proven achievements and experience - many more can be provided, just ask:

Project 1 (M$ 8.1) Design, source, install, commission - Results:

· Within Budget

· Improved productivity by 500% by;

·  Reducing the number of operators from 6 to 2.

· Increasing the output rate of manufacturing from 30 ton/10 hour day to 140 ton/ 8 hour day.

· Reducing the 5 year budgeted payback to 3 years.

Project 2 (M$ 1.8) Design, source, install, commission - Results:

· Within Budget

· Victoria: Improved productivity by 277%, eliminated penalty costs amounting to $143p.a, 80% reduction in lead time from customer orders; and reworked $1320K of quarantined stock.

· Auckland: Improved productivity by 600%, increased output to 27 ton/day, reduced shipping costs by $605K p.a. ensured full compliance to New Zealand safety requirements.

· Perth: Improved productivity by 890%, eliminated penalty costs and reduced shipping costs by $80K p.a. while complying with WorkCover safety requirements.

Project 3 (M$ 25) Business management sales and profit reversal- Results:

· Reversed the negative sales trend to exceed the benchmark 20% ROS profit.

· Key actions include:

· Establishing and meeting the requirements of existing customers through one on one discussions.

· Reorganising and training the division to focus on customer needs. 

· Establishing lean (FTR) manufacturing processes and supply to customers.

· Developing the product application process within the customer plant to give FTR economical outcomes.

· Design and Develop new products specifically targeting customer requirements.

· Driving and integrating the quality programs to achieve ISO 9001, Ford Q1, Q101 third party accreditations.

· Achieving a sales growth of 10% growth in the first year trending to 20% in the fifth, breaking even in the first year and achieving profit of 22% in fourth, trending to 20% in the fifth year.

· Divisional management functions including budgets and achieving targets. Included were multi site organisation, capital works, process improvements, maintenance, waste reduction and safety.

Project 4 (M$ 26) Design, source, install, commission  -  Results:


· Redesign processes and machinery to “best in world” :

· Fit new machinery into the existing facility

· Achieve a 2 year timeline

· Work within a capital budget of M$ 26

Significant Achievements:

· 7 new machines were designed and installed within budget and timeframe

· Machines were by far best in world with;

· Ultra high speed manufacturing

· Extremely high quality, low waste products.

· Achieved the aim of becoming the number 1 manufacturer, and eliminating competition in Australia.

· Components for the machines were sourced from all parts of the world so that these machines could not be copied.

· A ten year non competitive operating window was created.


The original fun machine Australian designed and built