airtourer VH-MUF for sale

We are prepared to offer a 10% discount for cash. Cash meaning direct deposit of all monies to our bank account within 7 days of purchase.

Yes! We will deliver anywhere within Australia, for fuel costs, plus any landing (and ANC) fees, plus a single return economy airfare.

Basically the answer is YES. We have received many and varied offers to consider. Mainly exchanges ranging from, other aircraft, businesses, land/housing to time share holidays. Unfortunately to this date we have not found any of these as suitable for our needs. However, we have seriously considered, and responded to all offers.

We have had many offers of exchange for caravans and/or boats. All were unsuitable, so we must now exclude and not consider these.

Frequently Asked Questions

No we are not dealers, we are a private family. We do own the Victa 115 VH-MUF and the Piper Cherokee PA32-260 VH-UST. Check the aircraft register

Are you a Dealer?  Our most commonly asked question

Would you consider ……………….?

Would you deliver the aircraft?

What is the price if I offer you cash?

Yes, parts are available through the Airtourer Co-operative. They are made in Australia, and in all cases are less expensive than the equivalent imported parts for the Piper’s, Cessna’s, and the like. See also parts manual on Victa UK webpage.

Are parts readily available for the Victa?

To contact us:

Phone: + 61 (03) 9017 4349

Mobile: + 0418 387 461

Fax: + 61 (03)



We have owned three aircraft only over the past twenty-five years. Our first was a C172E (10 years of ownership) and the current Victa and Piper. We reluctantly sold the 172 because of overseas work load. The reasons for purchase and sale of the Victa and Piper are documented on this web page.

We could add that if anyone thinks that they can make money this way, then they have neither owned, nor been involved in the aviation industry. It is not possible!

Do you buy aircraft and fix them up for sale at a profit?

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