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Airtourer association


An essential contact point for any Airtourer owner or enthusiast. Extremely helpful and friendly group of people who are passionate about airtourers. The AIrtourer parts manual, can be viewed on the Airtourer Association (UK) web page.

I recommend however, that if you need an up to date manual for your aircraft, that you purchase it from the Airtourer Association (Aust). Cost will be around $ 90.00. Call Alan Woods for some helpful advice.

Recommended links

You must have an excellent network of contacts within the aviation industry, on whom you can rely for advice and assistance. We have listed below a number of our contacts, and would recommend that you add these to your list.

Lilydale airfield

A great place to learn to fly. Family owned and operated. Talk to Roger, Neroli, or John regarding your aircraft hangerage, or just pop in for a friendly visit.

Lilydale Airport



An excellent destination for a fly-in. They have a superb restaurant overlooking westernport bay to French Island.

Don’t forget to request prior permission.





Pilot briefing service. Essential information .

Punkinhead air sports


Call Dianne for a quote on an aircraft cover. Excellent quality of work. We can well recommend. Dianne has made a cover for the Cherokee 6. See our photos.

Check out the website

Brown Brothers milawa


Not many vineyards boast their own airstrip. Fly in for an unparalleled vineyard experience which includes wine tastings, restaurant, café, kids playground, and many other activities. It is literally fly-in, park and walk through the vineyard to the cellar door.

To contact us:

Phone: + 61 (03) 9017 4349

Mobile: + 0418 387 461

Fax: + 61 (03)


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Photos and specs for the latest Cherokee sixes. The great new 6X and 6XT.

Of course this page also includes the other fantastic planes that are a part of the PIPER livery. Well worth a visit.

Piper Aircraft Logo

Going flying? - Click on an area to check out the weather



A good reference to review aircraft for sale (mainly in America). Will give you an insight into what to investigate in the aircraft that you may be wanting to buy, from the comfort of your computer.


Ebay aircraft



The aircraft that we would buy if we were ever lucky enough to win the lottery.

A great utility aircraft Australian designed and built








Gippsland aviation

Photograph of Gippsland Aviation GA8 aircraft




Fun and excitement. The most fun that you can have in a Victa. Try the thrill of the chase over the outer Sydney area


AIR Combat

Logo - Air Combat NSW



I recommend a thorough check. Read the log books from cover to cover, ask your LAME to check over the aircraft. Use a checklist, such as the Bonanza Society checklist. Click on the link below to download their .pdf. You can modify to suit the aircraft that you are intending to purchase. Never rush into a purchase.

Logo - Australia Bonanza Society



The BEST place to advertise your aircraft for sale.

Speak to Ray or any of the friendly staff.

Aviation Trader On-line

AV Wright Aviation Professionals

Have only heard of this organization by word of mouth. No personal experience.  Recommended by some that I trust, so I am very pleased to include. Click on the picture to the right for their web page.

A truism:

“if you are bad, then 10 will tell 10, and bad reputations grow”. If you are good then you will be recommended, unfortunately not by the 10 to the power of 10, but by those you trust.

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