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VH-UST new piper 6-260

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Parked outside the Hanger at Archerfield Airport in Sunny Queensland.

Rear passenger door and luggage door.

Large 3 foot height opening and a comfortable 4 foot across the cabin.

Vernier engine controls make flying a breeze.

Fully functional panel with VOR, Glidescope, HF radio set

Still has the “FOR SALE” sign


The drIvers’ side

The co-pilot side

From the back

Front view

PA32-260 at Archerfield (Brisbane)
In Queensland on day of pick upPA32-260 at Archerfield on pick up day
Still has "For Sale" signPA32-260 Outside hanger of Ian AviationPA32-260 Instrument panel on pilot sidePA32-260 Instrument panel 
Co-Pilot sidePA32-260
Welcoming Committee
Our return from Archerfield (QLD) to Lilydale (VIC)


(Daniel and Naomi)


We stopped at “Orange” in NSW to refuel. Total time was 6.2 hours, and flying time 5.5 hours. The plane handled well, although is like a large ocean liner,  when compared to the sensitivity of the Victa. Wendy spent at least 3 hours of this flight sleeping across the second row of seats - a testament to the smooth ride and handling.

Our special thanks to Jonathan Merridew  (hitchhiker) for his help in flying UST to Lilydale.

Welcoming Committee
Our return from Archerfield (QLD) to Lilydale (VIC)PA32-260
Welcoming Committee
Our return from Archerfield (QLD) to Lilydale (VIC)Piper Logo

What a magnificent plane. The Ocean liner of the sky. Smooth highly stable unfailing flight at an economical 125+ knots cruise all day.

Incredible handling, and it can carry a full load (7 in our family) with a full fuel load and luggage.

Ease of access for luggage and passengers. Comfort all the way. We are extremely pleased that we finally chose this aircraft for our family outings. The cabin is roomy with plenty of shoulder room for the largest adults (more than enough for us).

This plane has given our family a love of flying, and has not let us down in any way. We can recommend the understated Cherokee six 260 as an ever-reliable and extremely comfortable workhorse.

The original fun machine Australian designed and built