airtourer VH-MUF for sale

Victa and piper


Both aircraft are now for sale. Upgrade to twin.

Will consider any offer for exchange to a twin, however, from our previous investigations, we would prefer (in order of preference):

1. Twin Aero Commander 500 or 685

2. Piper Aerostar601, 601A, 602,

3. Britten Norman BN2

4. Cessna T303 or C340

5. Cessna 421 Golden Eagle

6. Piper Seneca 3 +


* US$ price established when US$ 1.00 = AU$ 0.75

If you are offering an exchange, we will consider this however, would prefer straight exchange on either or both planes without funds transfer.

We do not wish to continue to pay GST on these transactions as this is becoming expensive, so would prefer a  GST free trade.

The Victa is for sale separately, however the Piper is only for sale in this package. The double sale will give us the ability to purchase the twin.

We are however, prepared to consider the exchange of the Piper alone for the twin, if prices are commensurate..

Benefits to you

· Both planes have a current Maintenance Release and are in use.

· Two planes for the price of one.

· One for fun and one for economical touring.

· All offers seriously considered.

· All offers will receive an immediate answer.

· No GST on the sale of either or both planes.

Date of Sale 13/9/2013

To contact us:

Phone: + 61 (03) 9017 4349

Mobile: + 0418 387 461

Fax: + 61 (03)


Selling Both or swap


Prefer exchange, however, Both Planes are for sale

For a combined

Best Offer


US$ 145,000

A$ 193,400*

Happy to discuss

Text Box: Films, Photo-shoots, Advertising
Both planes are available for hire for use in films, photo shoots, advertising, music-videos, and the like.
Please contact us and advise your requirements, we can negotiate a reasonable rate, terms and conditions.

Note that our planes are not available for private hire.
Dollar rate at A$ 0.89 = US$1.00
Price for both aircraft now
A$ 163,000 less 10% for cash

The original fun machine Australian designed and built