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VICTA performance

Generic performance data

Itís Aerobatic

 Spins (limited to a maximum of two turns)

 Inside Loops

 Slow (aileron) rolls

 Barrel Rolls

 Stall turns

 Half inside loop and roll out

 Half roll and pull through

 Inverted flight

In all cases flaps must be in the fully UP position. No luggage or loose objects may be carried in the luggage compartment.


One 85kW (115hp) Lycoming O-235C1 flat four piston engine driving a two blade fixed pitch propeller.
Fuel - 130 Litres (29 Galls)  Consumption - 25 Lph  (5.5 gph), Endurance - 5:10  With reserve - 4:25 MTOW -  750 Kg(1650lb), MTOW Aerobatics 703Kg (1550lb)


Aerobatic +6g  -3g

Max speed 228km/h (123kt), max cruising speed 210km/h (113kt), long range cruising speed 177km/h (96kt). Initial rate of climb 900ft/min. Service ceiling 14,000ft. Max range with no reserves 1140km (617nm).

Roll 100-105 Knots, Barrel Roll 110 Knots, Stall Turn, 80-105 Knots, Loop 120 Knots, 1/2 Roll off Loop 140 Knots.


Empty 490kg (1080lb), max takeoff 750kg (1650lb).


Wing span 7.92m (26ft 0in), length 6.55m (21ft 6in), height 2.13m (7ft 0in). Wing area 11.2m2 (120sq ft).


Seating for two, side by side.